Coffee Talk Trends ☕️

Last week we hosted a coffee talk marketing panel where we selected three recently announced industry trends to dive into with our fabulous guests. We realize that not everyone who wanted to attend was able to make it - so here's a round-up of what we discussed!

But, first, some of you have asked: how do you know if you should attend a coffee talk panel? If you're not into sales-y marketing events, you want to discuss trends in the digital world, brainstorm and get a fresh perspective, if you're new to the St. Louis marketing scene, or if your boss keeps throwing marketing and digital tasks on your plate when "that's not really what you signed up for," these coffee talk chats are for you!

1. LinkedIn Adding Live Video

We think we speak for everyone who uses LinkedIn regularly when we say "About time." We're thrilled to see this feature rolling out for our B2B clients. Live video opens the door to a host of opportunities to really engage and share more personality on LinkedIn - while securing your spot as an industry expert.

LinkedIn has pivoted to become a more user-friendly platform and a tool that goes well beyond building your resume and creeping on ex-coworkers. Together we discussed how those with updated LinkedIn accounts can really assert their professionalism and area of expertise - in addition to giving potential clients/customers another opportunity to learn about their businesses. Live video with interactive elements offers a way to give your viewers something in return for watching - so be sure you're incentivizing!

2. New Features for Facebook Groups

Admittedly, we're currently under-utilizing Facebook's Groups feature. With some of these more robust and influencer-friendly additions, that is about to change! Group admins can enjoy a few added features like making their posts appear more prominent within the feed, as well as being able to control and put the virtual smackdown on users who may be abusing their membership. We're here for that.

More importantly, Facebook's Groups & Mentorships program will allow members to subscribe for additional content and learn from those who share their passions. What better way to get social? Connecting with those who are dedicated to your brand on an even deeper level!

3. Instagram Testing Direct Messaging on Desktop 

Perhaps one of the less discussed and certainly less surprising additions to the marketing world - Instagram's testing of direct messaging on desktop. Without diving into platform acquisitions and what that could mean in terms of cutting more direct marketing opportunities, we share a bit more about this possible offering.

While we're not certain this feature will even roll out, it certainly presents the possibility of yet another "platform evolution" for this once mobile-only app. For now, we'll just keep double tapping and minding our DMs.

Our new monthly coffee talk chats were developed as a way to get to know more of our marketing colleagues, exchange ideas and inspiration, and of course - provide an excuse to eat excessive carbs, drink coffee, and hang out.

Keep an eye on our Facebook events & Instagram pages for updates on our next chat. If you have a particular topic you'd like to discuss next month send it our way.