Growing Online Sales with Influencer Marketing

Every start-up company is unique but they all share common hurdles and goals. Growing businesses that are working on a limited marketing budget need to see results - and in many cases - they need to see results fast. Small businesses may have trouble justifying an ad spend when they’re working hard to make ends meet. Larger businesses may be just as focused on their ROI, or conclude that ads aren’t “necessary” if they’re getting by doing next-to-no marketing.

When Garden Maker™ Naturals launched their gorgeous streamlined website, one of their first marketing goals was to make good use of it by increasing their online sales. With the added feature allowing customers to click through their website to design custom blends, this team was ready to employ the benefits of their digital presence in an effort to make the world a bit greener, tastier, and more beautiful.

The Socially Jen and Co. digital team’s first work of order was to develop a strategy to establish the Garden Maker™ Naturals social media presence using on-brand graphics integrated with the Garden Maker™ Naturals weekly blogs discussing varied gardening themes. After creating a solid foundation for potential customers, our team began to explore and reach out to relevant influencers to tout the custom building capabilities.

We knew the audience we wanted to connect with and they looked something like this:

  • Chicken Keepers

  • Urban Gardeners

  • Traditional Gardeners

  • Indoor Gardeners

  • The mom who grows her own food

After carefully curating influencers who speak to our audience, we got to work quickly. First, we began establishing their personal formulations/custom blends that worked best for their gardens. The best influencer marketing happens when you find professional personalities who share the same passion as your brand. If they’re not genuine and they’re not excited about your offerings - their followers won’t be either.

Keeping the ownership team’s goals in mind and balancing client demands with the influencers’ bottom line, our marketing team was able to create a custom program that successfully increased online sales by 400% in just two months.

Now that’s growth any gardener [or start-up] can be proud of! Want to learn how all-round influencer marketing can impact your business? Connect with us today